Camp Disco is here to help you DISCOnnect and discover a playful approach to fragrance and self-care. Our founder has hosted over 1,000 blending sessions in the Los Angeles area since 2017, with activations at BeautyCon, The Bloc, Athleta and Unique LA.

What does the name "Camp Disco" have to do with perfume making? Well, not a lot. But "camp" makes us think of connection, crafts and community - making stuff, trying new things and meeting new people! And "disco"...have you ever NOT smiled when you were gazing into a sparkly disco ball?!

We created Camp Disco to bring fun perfume experiences to everyone. Our sense of smell is our strongest sense and is tied to emotions and memories, which means perfume making becomes this lovely, interesting and thought provoking creative journey where we might just learn a thing or two about ourselves. We're not gonna lie, there is a little bit of math involved. But it's fun math, promise. 

All levels are welcome at our workshops - you won't find a perfume snob in the house! We just wanna shine bright, have fun and smell good!