Hello there and welcome to your DIY Perfume Making Kit!

This page is a resource created just for you, to help guide you through the creation of your own perfume blend using the tools and ingredients provided in your kit.

We have developed different recipes based on the type of kit you've purchased, so please be sure to check that before you get started! We've also noted a couple of substitutions and the recipes really just serve as a guide while you explore and create! 

Our kits contain 2 ml each of the included phthalate-free fragrance oils or essential oils (don't worry, you're not missing any - the bottles are nearly 3 ml). Depending on the oil, you'll be able to get up to 40 drops from each fragrance oil.


DIY Perfume Making Kit Directions (15 ml eau de toilette):

  • Begin by taking all of your materials and ingredients out of the box.
  • Protect your working surface so that the fragrance oils and perfumer's alcohol don't damage your table or countertop!
  • Take a little fragrance trip! Smell each of the fragrance oils on their own to get acquainted.
  • Find your recipe! Check out our recommended recipes below. If you'd like to get an idea of how fragrance notes will mingle, put ONE drop of each on a cotton ball or in a small glass.
  • When you're ready to create your blend, use the beaker (provided only in large and deluxe kits). If your kit doesn't contain a beaker, you can add your fragrance drops directly to your perfume bottle.
  • Follow your recipe, adding the amount of drops called for. Take your time and remember, you can always add but you can't subtract fragrance drops.
  • Using the funnel provided, add 15 ml of the Perfumer's Alcohol to your perfume bottle (you'll use half of the provided bottle of Perfumer's Alcohol). Pour slowly! This step can get messy. 
  • Add your fragrance blend drops to your perfume bottle if you are working from a beaker. Close and gently shake.
  • Label your perfume! Make sure to use a BALL POINT PEN if you are writing on the label. Let it dry for a few minutes before handling/applying to prevent smudges.

NOTE: Not all kits contain all available fragrance options. Find a recipe that features the fragrance oils in your kit, or make substitutions. Experiment and enjoy the art and craft of perfume making!


Recipe 1

Jasmine 12 drops (can substitute with Gardenia)

Neroli 20 drops

Amber 8 drops


Recipe 2

Bergamot 20 drops

Sweet Orange 12 drops

Sandalwood 6 drops

Vanilla 2 drops


Recipe 3

Bergamot 20 drops

Sweet Orange 12 drops

Vetiver 8 drops


Recipe 4 (fan favorite!)

Neroli 12 drops

Gardenia 20 drops (substitute with Jasmine)

Sandalwood 2 drops (substitute with Palo Santo or Frankincense)

Amber 6 drops


Recipe 5

Jasmine 12 drops

Sandalwood 20 drops

Coconut 6 drops

Amber 2 drops


Recipe 6

Peony 12 drops

Musk 20 drops

Amber 3 drops

Sandalwood 5 drops


Recipe 7

Neroli 12 drops

Fig 20 drops

Amber 6 drops

Vanilla 2 drops


At the above dilution (40 drops per 15 ml of perfumer's alcohol base), you are creating an eau de toilette. 







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