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DELUXE DIY Perfume Making Kit

DELUXE DIY Perfume Making Kit

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Follow the call of the disco ball...all the way to creating your own custom perfume! Creating your own fragrance can be the ultimate form of self-care, creating something deeply personal for yourself while also enjoying the meditative benefits of exploring and formulating your perfume.

We've curated a selection of our most popular fragrance oils along with simple instructions to guide you along your perfume-making journey. We recommend carving out some time and space for this activity where you can explore each fragrance oil on its own, perhaps noting your thoughts on each in your Perfumer's Journal. 

We'll cover the basics of making your own perfume blend, including how to create a perfume with base, heart and top notes!

Our recommended recipes provide a foundation for your personal blend and are a great place to start after familiarizing yourself with the fragrance oils and basic perfume structure. At CAMP DISCO our mission is to take the complex craft of making perfume and create a fun, fresh approach to DIY perfume. 

Kit Contains:

1 - 15 ml perfume spray bottle

8 - 3 ml fragrance oils (phthalate-free)

10 - scent strips

15 - perfumer's alcohol (denatured alcohol)

1 - instruction sheet

2 - bottle labels

1 - perfumer's journal

2 - pipettes




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